Spot #1 :: Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe

Our 1st Spot:

Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Café

1746 Post Street  San Francisco, CA 94115


I knew I wanted this place to be the first spot, as I’ve seen photos there from my friend’s baby shower years ago.  I have to admit, these photos were what opened me to Tea Parties in the first place!?  It was all just so darn cute.  I’m so glad this was our first spot, because it was TONS of fun + perfect for our Tour opener!

Reservations were fairly easy to make.  I spoke with the owner Amy, and she was very pleasant + easy-going.  I told her about the Tour, and she was excited that their place was first on our list.  She wanted to accommodate our big party as best she could, and offered us their best order which was their Afternoon Tea.

When we got there, it looked a lot different from the photos I saw years ago.  I learned that this was their second location, and the one prior had closed.  I was kinda bummed that the ambiance was very different from what I was expecting.  Don’t expect any antiques or vintage pieces at this Tea House.  The environment there is very modern, with lots of white ceramics.  Their kitchen was in front of us, and the entrance door was behind us.  I thought for sure we would be in the middle of the cafe’s hustle + bustle, but was mistsken!?  None of it bothered us.  Actually, it was neat to see the different people visiting + leaving the building!  Crown & Crumpet showed us a good time.  The owner came to our table a few times, and even took pictures + visited with us.  She’s a riot!

The food was outstanding.  They offered plain scones (sweet biscuits) + crumpets (like English muffins) with all the fixings.  SO GOOD.  They were still warm when they brought them to us.  The sandwiches they had that day were a chicken curry (my favorite!), roastbeef (with fattie pieces of meat + HORSERADISH!!), and cucumber with mint cream cheese.  All were very delicious + MEMORABLE.  The desserts were all yummy too: a shortbread with apricot topping, caramel brownie, snickerdoodle-type cookie, and this cute chocolate edible cup with chocolate mousse inside topped with a raspberry.

The Teas…  They had a very nice selection of Teas.  We got the “Marie Antoinette” (strawberry + rose), “Star of Africa” (very spicy + my favorite!), “Blue Eyes” (tropical flavors), and “Happiness Is…” (green with fruity notes).  They come with cute little labels too!  The collection we chose was a nice variety.  They have sugar on the table, and cream by request.  They came back to warm our pots, if needed.  Toward the end of our meal after we had slowed down, we were offered their “Keep Calm & Carry On” blend (chamomile + peppermint) to relax.  It was very nice, and the perfect ending.

The wait staff was very lovely + treated us well.  Answered all of our questions before we ordered, and took their time with us as it was our first time visiting.  The place is clean, open + airy, bright.  Make sure to check out the bathrooms downstairs!  The toilets have bidet options!!  And there are little shops throughout the building to take a look at afterward.









6 thoughts on “Spot #1 :: Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I agree with you on the ambiance, looks very modern, not what you’d expect from a little tea house. The plates are pretty, the ones with their logo on them.


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