my raTEAng

I’ve decided, after every 6 Spots, I’m going to give you my rating (see what I did there ^ ?!) from least favorite spot to my best pick!  This should be fun!!

6. Secret Garden Tea House, San Francisco – Filthy place with yummy scones.

fixed scone

5. Lovejoy’s Tea Room, San Francisco – Pretentious area with spectacular Black Vanilla tea.


4. Quail & Thistle Tea Room, Capitola – Adorable building with overwhelming all-in-one plate.


3. Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Café, San Francisco – Unforgettable crumpets and scrumptious tea sandwiches.


2. The Palace Hotel Garden Court, San Francisco – Breathtaking surroundings and flawless food.


1. The English Rose Tea Room, Pleasanton – A hundred delectable teas and textbook shabby chic décor.


If you have visited these spots or are following us on the Tour, please send us your thoughts + raTEAngs!!


2 thoughts on “my raTEAng

  1. This is so useful, thank you! I’m addicted to afternoon tea and will be in the Bay for the next couple of months, so I wanted to try out some new places. English Rose just jumped to the top of my list! Good to know about Secret Garden, too… ick.
    And it’s nice to see that Crown and Crumpet is getting such consistently good ratings. I miss their Ghirardelli location so much, but I was at their Tea Stop Cafe this past weekend and the food and service were just as good as they used to be! I know they were planning on opening a Union Square location- I hope that comes to fruition someday.


    • Oh yay!! Thank you so much for leaving your comment. I’m so glad this was helpful! Even though I have plenty of views + followers, I often wonder if this blog is helping anyone!? Hehe. You made my day!! Please stop back and let us know how your visits went??


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