Spot #9 :: Lisa’s Tea Treasures

Our 9th Spot:

Lisa’s Tea Treasures

167 Main Street  Los Altos, CA 94022



It’s really hard to say anything bad about a place, when their service is so terrific!  …not that they deserve anything negative.

sign          outside table

We walked in to this adorable setting!  Just a perfect place to have a tea room.  They had little compartments of uniquely sized rooms for tables.  A charming upstairs for private parties.  Lots of tea kettles and tea cups + saucers for sale decorated the space.  The rest of the décor was minimal, but lined with attractive art pieces.

inside 1          inside 2

inside 3          inside 4



They already got an A+ in my book, based on the type of cookies (biscuits) they left on the table.  Biscoff Lotus cookies!!  (High-five Lisa’s!)  There are tons of em in a cute little jar, just waiting for you + your tea selection!  The table setting, of course, was totally cute with all matching plates + tea sets.


The teas were all delicious!  At our table, we chose:

Watermelon Berry – I’m a watermelon flavor person, so I was intrigued to try this one my girlfriend chose.  It wasn’t as sweet as it sounds, which was nice!  Watermelon scented, with berry flavors.

Sweet Peach – I didn’t get to try this one myself, but my girlfriend kept pouring cups of it, so I think she liked it!?

Champagne Raspberry – Liked this one a lot!  You can definitely taste the champagne, which I looove.  And the raspberry flavor makes for a pleasurable cup of tea!

Rose Garden – This one was my favorite.  Reminded me so much of the spa!!  So it was very comforting to sip.  I kept calling it “the lotion one!”

Strawberry Darjeeling – Didn’t get to try this one, unfortunately, because I grew up drinking strawberry tea.  So, it’s nostalgic for me!  But I think my sister liked it.

Butter Truffle – This is the one I ordered.  Flavored like a sugar cookie, with orange peel.  It was yum!


I thought it was really cute that our server had these teapot caddy sort of things to bring all our pots in one trip!  Innovative + smart!


For our party size, we were asked to preorder.  At our table, we had the:

Mademoiselle’s Creation – a hearty salad with a scone and your choice of a side of protein (egg, chicken or tuna)



Lord William’s Promise – a platter of 8 tea sandwiches + a petit fours



Tea Time Trio – a salad, scone, 2 tea sandwiches + 2 savories


Everyone enjoyed their food!  I ordered the Tea Time Trio, so I can comment on that one.  A spring mix of greens with fresh strawberries, dried cranberries, sliced almonds + feta cheese.  It came with a mouth-watering vinaigrette, in this darling mini pitcher.  My 2 tea sandwiches were a salmon mousse, and goat cheese with tomato.  I thought each of them were dandy.  A little salty for my taste, but good nonetheless.  My savories were marvelous!  There was a cheese pastry and a mushroom quiche.  I could have had at least 3 more each of those!!  The scone – a cute little chubby scone!  They had 3 flavors today (blueberry, pecan + cinnamon).  My dish came with the blueberry.  Nice crunchy exterior, and warm chewy interior.  VERY GOOD.  The cream + jelly and lemon curd also very comparable.  Again, I could’ve had more!  I did later try the pecan, and…woah, that one was remarkable!  My girlfriend + sister also ordered a side of soup.  Today’s was a broccoli cheddar.  My gf had me try a taste of her’s, and it was delightful!

Okay, the service.  This is why I can’t knock anything from this spot.  Our server was just-  the best!!  Not only did she take real good care of us, but she showed us a fantastic time!  She was super funny, and just very personable.  We felt like we were hanging out with another one of our girlfriends!  She was comfortable enough to joke with us, but still came to deliver any one of our needs in a respectable amount of time.  At the end of our visit, as always, we asked if she minded taking our group picture.  She did not hesitate to take as many as we wanted with as many cameras or phones, even after one of them (camera) wasn’t cooperating!?  We really enjoyed ourselves today, and are so glad we chose this place since we were still grumpy about how bad our experience was from the last spot.  Such a cute tea house, and I hope you all try it out someday!  Tell us how your visit went!? 😉