Spot #10 :: Dartealing Lounge

Our 10th Spot:

Dartealing Lounge

470 Third Street  San Francisco, CA 94107



We’ve been to quite a few tea houses in San Francisco already.  Even though we are interested in visiting each one and are sure they have their own individual special things about them, driving into or taking BART to the City gets kinda redundant.  That being said, we were satisfied with seeing this cute little corner tea house.  The inside is definitely not what you expect, from looking at the rather bland outside.  But, look how charming!!


inside 2

inside 3

It had a very ‘homey’ + intimate feel.  The décor was very inviting + intriguing!  My girls described it as being at Gramma’s house!  We decided we had the best seats in the house…


How comfy right!!?!  We were taken back a bit when they sat us here, because it was all so darling!!  The only downside was we were HUNCHED over the whole time while eating.  :/  Maybe we weren’t doing it right (’cause aren’t you supposed to bring the tea saucer up to you!?), but we still thought our spot was super cute!


Because we pre-ordered, the only important decision that was asked of us were the pots of tea we’d like.  At our table, the choices were:

Memories of Provence (floral and fruity with lavender and berries notes) – This one smelled divine! I likened it to a Victoria’s Secret body spray!  It was a yummy comforting tea.

Island Kiss (green tea with tropical essence, bananas + coconut) – Sounded and smelled better than it tasted.  The aftertaste reminded me of B.O.!!  Meh.

Somewhere My Love (black tea with oranges, sweet citrus, vanilla notes + white chocolate) – This was my first choice, but since my girlfriend wanted it I went for my second.  A very nice mix of flavors.  The citrus lightly scented the creaminess of the vanilla + white chocolate flavors.

Snickerdoodle (black tea with vanilla + cinnamon) – My choice.  I loved this one.  They were right, it WAS just like the cookie!

menus          teacup

teapot          creamer


Pre-ordering has its pros + cons, in my opinion.  If you do it, it’s nice to have a decision already made and food ready for you.  But sometimes, you may not be feeling what you thought you wanted at the time you chose it when it’s time to have it.  (Did you get that!?)  I have mixed feelings about it.  When tea houses ask me of it, I don’t whine about it.  I ask my girls, they respond with their choices, and I call them in.  No biggie.  But sometimes-  I want that element of surprise!  I purposely do not look up any tea house menus before we visit the spot, ’cause I like the shock value!!  Hehe.

plate 1          plate 2

This place had a lot of tea sandwiches to choose from.  And on the website, they ALL sounded sooo good!!  Of the selection, we chose:


Dartealing Curried Chicken – WHAT A SURPRISE!!?!  For such a tiny sandwich, we did NOT expect so much flavor!?  I’m at a loss for words how to even explain it.  Do I dare attempt??  It was the richest quarter of a sandwich I’ve ever put in my mouth.  There, I said it.


Smoked Salmon Mousse & Dill – After having that last tea sandwich, I anticipated it was only going to get better… I assumed this one was going to be a smooth consistency throughout.  Boy, was I wrong!  It had pieces of smoked salmon that gave this sandwich such a scrumptious personality!


Brie, Pepper Jelly, Green Apple – I’m a total brie fan.  When I read this on the menu, I was so happy!  And with pepper jelly!!?!  YES!  It was just as good as I thought it should be.


Spicy Garlic Shrimp – I do like spicy, but I can’t handle a lot of it.  I had to try this one though, because-  shrimp in a sandwich, come on!  The flavors complimented each other well.  Lots of different, yummy textures.  But, I could only take a bite.


Honey Lavender Cream – I read this one on the menu, and was intrigued for sure.  But there are so many good ones, this couldn’t make my cut.  It’s a WONDERFUL thing that it was 2 of my girlfriends’ choices, because I would’ve been really sad having not ever tried this in my life…  Ugh, it was absolutely delightful!!  The honey is lavish, lavender is only in the background, and then there’s this cream!  We couldn’t quite place it, maybe it was mascarpone?!  Whatever it was it made this tea sandwich addicting.


Spicy Hummus Mediterranean – Delicious flavors for sure.  Again, it was spicy so I only had a bite.  But, that one bite packed so much punch!


The sweets tier came just in time!

tier          sweets

I went for the scone.


It was Chocolate + Cardamom.  Interesting!  I loved the round shape, ’cause-  so cute right!?  But then, I didn’t know where I wanted to cut it.  Hehe.  Sliced it horizontally, and spread some Royal Cream.  It was nice + warm still, which I adore because the cream gets melty!  Took a bite…  Very heavy + cakey!  And I was wondering where the other fixings were??  It was okay.  There wasn’t much to em, not that flavorful.  And the cream was rather bland.  And, I can’t stress enough just how HEAVY they were.  It was a lot of chews + a lot of saliva needed before you could swallow these.  I was halfway done with mine, when one of my girlfriend’s thought to ask our server for some jam.  DUH!?  I did think about asking, but I wanted to try the scone with what they gave us.  OH, sooo muuuuch better with the raspberry (?) jam!!  Still, I think it could’ve used more chocolate chips.

sweets 2

I was pretty much done after having that substantial scone.  I was about to ask our server for a to-go box…  But, I decided to at least have a bite of each of these.  The Raspberry Cream in Filo Tart wasn’t bad.  I think the crunch of the filo was much more exciting than the overall taste of this sweet.  The Lavender Cookie – eh.  It was waaay too lavendery to me.  The Chocolate S’more was okay.  Very decadent.  I did really like the roasted marshmallow + graham cracker pieces on top.  (I’m a sucker for anything marshmallow!)  I was satisfied with my bites, couldn’t have any more.

We really appreciated the service at this spot.  We came it a bit early, and they were happy to seat us right away.  She says “The sooner you get to have tea!!”  My girlfriend, who has a special spot for vintage china, wondered if she could have a cuter teacup (because the one at her setting just had gold stripes).  The staff member TOTALLY got where she was coming from, and went out of her way to bring back this gorgeous floral cup!  Our reservation was at 3:30p; they close at 6:00p.  We were so into our conversation, we stayed well over 6!?  They didn’t rush us (and we noticed other parties around us still enjoying themselves), and even came by to make sure all our teapots were still full.  LOVED that.

I would come back for the sandwiches alone.