Spot #11 :: Linde Lane Tea Room

Our 11th Spot:

Linde Lane Tea Room

140 N. Jackson  Dixon, CA 95620


When I first put this one on the Tour, I wasn’t quite sure my girls wanted to travel an hour + a half for tea…  If no one was interested, I would’ve taken it off the list and just went with the next place.  Surprisingly, a lot of em were super stoked to go!?  With scheduling however, it ended up being an intimate group this time around.  There were only 4 of us today, but we all appreciated the sweet road trip.  I am soooo glad I kept this one on the Tour though.  Definitely a sight to see!!  Everything was so LUXURIOUS.



table 2

When making reservations, UNLESS THEY ASK if there is any occasion, I don’t say anything about the Tour.  I want authentic + organic exchanges, when arriving to new tea houses.  With that being said, I didn’t care for the man I made reservations with nor the man at the front today (I’m not certain if this is the same person).  He was very matter-of-fact, and didn’t offer any warm smile or pleasantries.  That was definitely a turn off regarding my first impression of this place.  And if I may be frank, I thought he was very SNOOTY (there, I said it).

With that being said, the lady that sat us and our server that took care of us during our visit were very nice.

The menu was easy.  Only 3 tea services to choose from (1 being for children), and about 50 types of tea.  What I did NOT like was that there were no descriptions of what the teas were.  My OCD was very bothered by that.  You were left to guess.  Our server did make herself available for questions and she knew right away what was in each tea…but, I didn’t feel like asking her to describe 50 individual tea flavors.  We each ordered the Royal Tea tea service, which came with a scone (with fixings), soup + salad, 4 tea savories (which were tea sandwiches), and assorted desserts.  At the bottom of the menu, it says that we get sorbet and shortbread.  SORBET?


Apparently, sorbet is a palate cleanser.  Buuut, we didn’t have anything to eat yet!?  Was it preparing my palate??  Anyhow, in my opinion this tiny scoop of frozen fruit juice was the BEST part of tea today!  I believe it was peach flavor, if I remember correctly.  But (my mouth is totally watering as I type this), it was just so nice and icy and refreshing!!  We weren’t quite sure HOW to eat it, so we just used the shortbread cookie to scoop it up.  I could’ve had a whole bowl of that and just call it a day.

Since I didn’t know what to expect from any of these teas, I just ordered what I knew.  I took a Black Currant today.  I absolutely am infatuated with black currant iced tea, but never have had the pleasure trying it hot.  I was very happy with my choice.  My Earl Grey girlfriend was with us today, so of course of the 4 pots at our table that was one of them.  As many times as we’ve had tea together, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted her earl grey!?  (Oh now you guys are going to look back at my previous posts and call me out huh?  I don’t think I have!?)  I made sure to try some today, as she raved about the strength of the bergamot in this one.  Smelled like that spa, and the flavors were very rich!  I liked it!  My other girlfriend tried their Sunset tea.  I’m glad she did, ’cause that one intrigued me.  It was an herbal tea with lemon grass, orange peel + marigold flower.  (I know because I asked and made notes, okay!?)  Hers didn’t smell good AT ALL.  But hey, sometimes they stink + taste good; other times they smell wonderful + taste foul!  It was nice though!  Light + creamy almost.  My SIL had the Mocha Rocha, very her.  It was red tea with coffee beans + dark chocolate.  Meh, it smelled like Robitussin (my friend said Nyquil)!!?!  But it didn’t taste that way, thank goodness!  I’m not sure what it tasted like, actually.  But, it wasn’t bad.  I wasn’t impressed with the teas.  Moving along…  (Oh and P.S., the tea kettle’s were labeled with what looked like DOG TAGS!!?!  Cute, a little bit, but not appealing at all.  You could’ve at least chosen the bowtie or heart shape-  not the HYDRANT one!?  Yuck.)


desk         shelf

stove          stove 2

dog tag

Because that mouthful of sorbet was so appetizing, I was expecting the rest of the food to be spectacular.  When the salad came, I wasn’t disappointed.  You may be thinking-  ‘how do you mess up a salad?’  But, some salads are so plain dull…  This one was really good though!?  It was put together well, and the croutons were so flavorful!  I’m still not convinced of having soup at tea.  It’s just-  I think the only thing I want to be sipping at a tea party is well TEA…champagne (of course!)…and okay, water.  That’s it!  I don’t like any savory sort of liquids in my tea service.  That’s just me.  But soup came with ours, so I had some.  SOME.  It wasn’t bad.  Potato Chowder with Ham today.  I had half my bowl…to be nice!  Hehe.

salad          soup

We always get excited when the tier comes!!  Don’t you?!  On today’s: there was Cucumber, Turkey + Swiss, Chicken Salad in a Wheat Basket, and Strawberry Harvest.  For the desserts: a Chocolate Brownie Cake, Mini Lemon Cupcake, and Orange Meringue.  Today’s scone was Vanilla.



I like to go with the Cucumber tea sandwich first, because it’s usually my least favorite.  Love me a cucumber, but the ones we are served at tea are frequently bland.  I was sooo wrong today, so wrong!  That Cucumber flower sandwich was the best of the 4!!  It came open-faced (in a flower shape), so I folded mine over and ate it like a taco!  It had some sort of horseradish or wasabi kick to it!  Very mild, but you could tell it was there.  And the bread was nice + fluffy, but gave you a chewy feel at the end.  The cream was a nice consistency, and there wasn’t too much of it.  Very good, I was very happy with it.  Wanted more.


I went for the Turkey + Swiss next.  Booorrriiinnnggg.  It wasn’t a big piece, but I was really dragging my feet having to finish that thing.  It was just so plain and (I like a lot of lettuce in my sandwiches…but this one was just so) dry!  NEXT!!  (Later, my SIL almost died laughing…and crying…when she noticed my sad leftover piece of turkey sandwich off to the side just on the tablecloth while I was photographing my other foods!!)


Chicken Salad in a Wheat Basket.  Okay.  Looks better than it tastes.  I don’t really even want to review it, that’s how I feel about it.  The salad was good, a bit more creamy than I prefer.  My gf kept mentioning how messy it was.  I think if it was thicker, it might’ve been better; but, it was so runny.  And the basket part of it was this overly toasted biscuit/cookie that just crumbled all over the place.  (I’m making the sour face now.)  Wasn’t a fan.


I had overheard one of the girls at the table saying how they thought the Strawberry Harvest one was the best of the sandwiches.  Tried it, nice, but couldn’t finish that one either.  It was a bit sweeter than what I like.  It had some sort of honey cream cheese with it.  But-  They put it on raisin bread!?  Why?  Definitely an intriguing tea sandwich.  Sounded like a good idea…  Lol.  That’s all I can say about that.


Had more of my tea, then moved on to desserts.  I was happy to see the Meringue.  I like meringue!  It had an orange swirl.  I usually like it plain, but the orange was nice (There’s that word again.  Can you tell I’m not really motivated to rate this place?).  Meringue is always fun to eat though!  I made sure my girlfriends all tried theirs.  “She’s asking us to try the meringue!!”  Hehe.  Just tried a bite of the chocolate and didn’t even sniff the lemon.  Didn’t even take em to-go.

Service was good.  Our server, like I said, was really sweet + attentive.  But overall, I thought the staff was there to be there-  not necessarily to make our visit the best we can have.  It’s definitely a “must-see tea house!”  There are really cute things about the place, that I don’t want to mention because I want you to experience for yourself!  Please tell us if/when you visit!?  Hope you are treated with a bit more love than we were.  😉