Spot #14 :: Satori Tea Company

Our 14th Spot:

Satori Tea Company

37 N. San Pedro Street  San Jose, CA 95110



If you’re not familiar with Downtown San Jose, this place was kinda hard to find.  It’s tucked away behind this blue wall (that I forgot to photograph!).  Very plain outside, but oh so unique inside!!  Lots of cute tea décor, but the most eclectic tea house by far on the Tour.  I wish I took more photos of my surroundings, but I looove to leave some element of surprise for my readers!  Definitely a must-see tea place.

tea wall




Lots of fun choices on the menu.  Seven levels of tea service, including Tea For Two + a 10 and Under option.  Eight tea sandwiches to choose from.  I always like when I can choose my sandwiches.  And best of all: they offer CRUMPETS!!!  Another thing I thought was VERY COOL-  the offer a Tea Flight!?  A choice of 3 teas you can try!  Isn’t that just ultra cool??  A wide variety of tea choices, with really intriguing names.  But, no descriptions on the menu.  You guys all know how much I looove that (insert sarcasm here).  Our wonderful server however, made herself available for any questions on any of the teas.  And she was really informative + helpful!


This is the Vanilla Hazelnut oolong tea.  It was recommended by our server, after I told her that I’m a black vanilla tea kinda girl.  Great choice!!  I usually don’t order an oolong, so I was happy to try something different.  Had that really deep vanilla aroma (which is my favorite), and tasted equally comforting.  The flavors weren’t as bold as a black tea, but still a yummy choice.



Guess what this one is?!  GUMMY BEAR!  We were all so surprised when we saw this flavor tea there!?  So thankful to my girlfriend who likes to try the unique ones!  She said this one was sweet, but very drinkable.  I didn’t have a taste of anyone’s pot today (I know, tsk tsk.  But, I enjoy mine!), but I did get really good sniffs!  😉  This was smelled like something you would find near Willy Wonka’s chocolate fountain!



My girlfriend (who loves the beach) ordered their Capitola Coola botanical tea.  I believe it had hibiscus in it.  She said it was very fruity and she enjoyed it very much!  What was really cool about hers-  check out what it turned into after adding cream…





No photos of the Earl Grey Crème…’cause my girlfriend finished her whole pot!!  If you’re new to her story, she’s been looking for the perfect earl grey.  This spot had 2!!  Once again, our server was very helpful with my gf’s tea selection.  The Earl Grey Girl says: “Earl crème was bold, with mellow after taste due to vanilla notes.  One of the best earl grey’s I’ve had!!”


No shots of the Coconut Chai, either.  But, I did get a good whiff though!  😉  Smelled wonderful.  Her sentiments about it: “I liked my coconut chai tea very much.  The coconut flavor was definitely a stand out, though still having the traditional chai notes of cinnamon and clover in the background.  Perfected with a splash of cream and harmoniously paired with the carrot cupcake …..or crumpet, for that matter!”  She’s so poetic, isn’t she!?





I was starving!!  The food was nice.  Some very regular items, but also some super tasty.  I don’t think I would come back based just on the food, but there are some things I wouldn’t mind having again.

My 3 tea sandwich selections were their English Cucumber & Cream Cheese (because you just have to), the Apple Cranberry Chicken Salad (’cause I needed savory today), and Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese & Capers.  Well…  They like a lot of cream cheese.  :/  You needed your handy dandy magnifying glass to see the cucumbers.  There was some crunch in my bites, but very tiny ones.  Not bad tasting, but cream cheese overload indeed.  Same for the salmon.  There was smoked salmon “flavor,” but not very evident that it was in the sandwich.  The chicken salad wasn’t too bad…but, I didn’t think the ratio of ingredients were equal.  Not up to par for my OCD mouth.  The first one I tried, had major almonds or something in it.  The second one: too much apple.  What was nice was we had at LEAST 2 pieces of each of our sandwich flavors.  So, you couldn’t not be full (I know that’s a double negative, but I wanted to say it that way).  It also came with what the menu calls ‘a bed of delicate green salad.’  Even though it was JUST spring mix with a can of mandarin oranges on top, it was a good compliment to the sandwiches.  Despite the below-average food items, they were all still very edible + filling.



I was very eager to have my crumpet!  it had crunchy edges + gooey middles!  The best thing I ate today, hands down.  What made it, was the sweet RUM BUTTER they slathered on top of em so that they were SUBMERGED by the time you reached for them!!  Ugh, my mouth is watering again just thinking about it.


Scones were cute.  Heart shaped.  (sigh)  But I’ve had waaay better.  They were too hard.  Oh yeah, and we searched + searched for the scone filings, then were reminded they were on the top tier!?  Here’s what they looked like:


(We brought them down on the madeleine plate.)  It’s a gooood thiiiiing no one put those in their mouth!?  You get an ‘E’ for effort on presentation, but-  these just weren’t practical.  There wasn’t enough for 5 scones, and they can be mistaken for a tart.  Someone could’ve easily put a mouthful of lemon curd in their mouth.  Would you want that for your customers?



The desserts were better.  I really liked my Mini Carrot Cupcake.  Sweet with a bit too much frosting, but I coulda easily had one (or 2, okay 2) more.  The Lemon Bar was almost melting.  It didn’t stand up well.  And, much too tart.  Maybe I’m being partial, because, I make a mean lemon bar!!  Hehe.  Okay, and that chocolate thing was GOOD.  It was like a tart of some sort on the bottom + a truffle on top.  Gf said it was much too sweet.  I agree it was rich, but I adored it.


Wonderful service!  Our server did her job well.  Can’t complain about anything there.  Average tea house though, overall.  I would say-  go to see the place, ’cause it’s fun.  Try the tea flight.  Let us know your thoughts!?  See yall in a month!