Off-Tour Tea

I just couldn’t keep away!

In September, I announced that our Tea House Tour would have to take place every other month as opposed to every.  With our busy family of 4, our Saturdays were slowly becoming a commodity around here!  It was only appropriate that we spread out our Tour Dates…

Meanwhile, I’ve still been living up the Tea Life!!  Hehe.  In early October, I introduced my girl cousins to the tea party experience at my alma mater of tea houses.  It was so cute to see their first experiences!  We chat about etiquette and as usual, had LOTS of laughter!  Late October, for Sunday brunch, we decided to have our first family tea party!  I steeped a pot of loose leaf tea for us, and baked fresh scones!  I even found the fixings at our local grocery store!  Then just last week, for our regular sister-date, my SIL + I thought it was long overdue to visit our favorite tea spot.  We shared stories of our day-to-day, had a really good vent sesh, and moaned over how great our teas tasted there!!  Ughhh, I love tea.

Enjoy the few shots that were taken (the first one was borrowed from my cousin)…I was having too good a time to take pictures!






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