Spot 19 :: The White Hart Tea Room

Our 19th Spot:

The White Hart Tea Room

649 Lighthouse Avenue  Pacific Grove, CA 93950




I was toooootally looking forward to this Spot!!  Who wouldn’t wanna come here!?  It’s a gorgeous home AND you get to have tea inside it!  (clapping hands)  It IS almost 2-hours away from my home…but look it!!



We got to try 5 of the fifteen teas they offer.  And, can you see how cute!?  Tall, white teapots, tied with dainty ribbon to tell which is which!  Our table choices were: Earl Grey, Apple Cinnamon Tisane, Ann’s Favorite Blend, Ginger Orange Peach, and #1 Ladies’ Red Bush Tea.

Earl Grey – Surprise surprise, this was ordered!  Hehe.  Actually, it took some time for my Earl Grey Gal to order this one because it had cornflower in it, which isn’t usual.  She says it was “shockingly good” however!

Apple Cinnamon Tisane – I thought this one smelled a lot like body butter!  SIL says it reminded her of apple cinnamon oatmeal.

Ginger Orange Peach – Ugh, this one wreaked (in a good way!) of Burke Williams!  A very light tea that resembled the spa!

#1 Ladies’ Red Bush Tea – Since I’ve been addicted to my red tea at home, this one was my first choice.  I’m happy my girlfriend ordered it!  Even though it smelled cough syrupy, it was still a good choice!  It was caramelly + creamy, and the gf says vanilla-esque.

Ann’s Favorite Blend – If I remember correctly, Ann is the homeowner’s mother-in-law.  Her favorite color was gold, which is why that was the ribbon choice for my teapot marker.  (Tear, I know!)  This one was sooo Michaels Craft Store at Christmastime!  It’s a black tea with orange rind + spices.  It smelled and tasted like cinnamon, and was just such a cozy tea!  It was my second choice to order, but ended up being my favorite at the table!  Yay!



The gorgeous tier of goodies came in no time!  The husband of the homeowner duo is their executive chef!!  You can tell each piece that was served was made with attention to detail and-  LOVE!  There is only 1 tea service offered, and it came with everything!  And, for a good price too.


What a great idea creating their English Cucumber Tea Sandwich around the shape of a cucumber slice!?  It was the cutest little thing, even the tiny chive knot on top.  Only the CRUNCHIEST cucumbers were chosen for these!  There was only slice of radish thrown in the mix, which made for a nice pop of color.  It had a shallot + chive spread, which I usually love both but somehow tasted like green onion (which I loathe).  Brilliant sandwich, though.


I grabbed the White Cheddar with Roasted Pepper & Jalapeno Crostini next.  Since I’m lactose intolerant, I could only have 1 bite.  But, the bite I had was magnificent!  Very crispy crostini (not soggy at all), and the flavors were on point.  Nice sharp taste!


Their Smoked Wild Salmon with Pickled Ginger & Wasabi Aioli was just WONDERFUL!!  Isn’t it pretty??  (Photographed my gf’s next to me, ’cause hers was darling!)  There was a nice amount of salmon in there.  And, the flavors just meshed so well together.  The ginger reminded us of sushi, and I just love wasabi on everything.  You couldn’t eat this one cutily though…messy.  😉


Oh that curry!  They had a Coronation Chicken Tea Sandwich with Mango Chutney, Curry & Almond.  A really good combination of flavors, but that bread-  oh that bread!!  And, the parsley created this nice texture + crunch!  (I had 2 of those!)


Nice Scone.  They had blueberry and currant today.  It was very doughy.  I would have liked mine to stay in the oven a bit longer, but that’s just MY preference.  It was good enough that I had more than one!  (big cheesy face emoji here)  What MADE these scones were their signature fixings.  They make their own Clotted Cream!!?!  Their Lemon Curd and Strawberry Preserves are also made in house!  This is the ONLY tea house from the Tour that has served real clotted cream, and it was D-I-V-I-N-E.


Each of the Sweets were heavenly.  The Hand-Dipped Chocolate Strawberry (that adorably looked like it was wearing a corset!!) was perfect.  As simple as that thing was, it was done RIGHT.  The Lemon Tart with Meringue just melted in your mouth!  The Apple & Spice Miniature Bundt Cake was the CUTEST everrr!!  And, it tasted lovely.  A nice light cake, a bit chewy too.  But, that Coffee Opera Petit Fours.  Every layer was more exquisite than the next!  It’s rare that I make it with enough room to eat my sweets during tea, but theirs were just so amazing I couldn’t stop stuffing my mouth!!


I didn’t take too many photos of this Spot.  I was just enjoying myself and my girls too much!  (I had one doll drive 2-and-a-half hours to be with us!!)  I did take a few shots of the inside, but my photos just don’t do the place justice.  You’d definitely have to come see for yourself.  The staff…oh the staff.  They were just darling + lovely.  They really made you feel welcome, and were so attentive + warm.  They don’t just do this to do it, but really go out of their way to make you at home-  in THEIR home!  I can’t wait to go back.