August Tea

So…we missed our last tea Spot.  :/  It was a really great Spot, that we were ultra excited for…but-   lots of things goin on, ya know!?  I promise the next Spot, you will NOT WANT TO MISS (and we won’t either!  Hehe.).

I was blessed to be able to attend a week long seminar, the 2nd week of August.  The following week we were supposed to travel for Tea, but I didn’t realize how much the class would take out of me…  The next day, I found out my Gramma (and Homegirl!) had suffered a heart attack + was in the hospital.  Then, a few days later, my friend who is 99-years-old!! was admitted also.  (Sigh…)  Needless to say, lots of hospital visits-  didn’t make me feel in a very “tea party” type mood.  😦  Thank you sweethearts for understanding.  (insert 3 heart emojis here!)


On a lighter note!  Our new company is moving rather swiftly!!  To our surprise + honor.  Please keep in touch with us at to be the FIRST to hear our news!  And, at @parTEAwithme on all social media accounts!