You’re Invited!

Our beautiful Readers + Followers,

I don’t even know how to begin!?  After only (almost) 6-months of being in operation, the unthinkable has occurred!!  Our number 1 all time favorite tea house has said of our tea, and I quote: “the best we have tasted in a while!”

On Sunday, December 4 at 1pm, Tyme for Tea & Co. in the Niles District of Fremont, CA will be hosting a Meet & Greet Event featuring OUR SIGNATURE TEA BLENDS!!?!

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, come hang out with parTEA with me!!  Reservations are strongly advised.  If you’re not into tea, that’s okay!  Just come to support!!  We want to show this place where we come from!  😉

From the overnight 400 into the thousands, our Readers + Followers have been the BEST EVER.  Thank you for continuing to show us love.