Spot 24 :: The Tearoom


We’re back!  There were a few Spots I missed on our Tour, so I’ve gathered a few of our Regulars and we’re doing a quick Summer Tea Tour!  We have 3 (maybe 4) brand new Spots to visit, and of course-  we’re taking you along with us!!  Join us again over the next few months for my brutally honest reviews + experiences of these tea houses!


Our 24th Spot:

6241 College Avenue  Oakland, CA 94618

the tearoom


Communication and reservations were fairly easy, as it was all done via email.  They did have us pre-order, which yall know is my fave.  😐  When we got there, it took a minute for them to seat us.  Theeen, when we were seated, (I counted) it took them a whole 10-minutes before they addressed us.  Lame.  The décor (was there décor??) was minimalistic, if that.  Seriously tho, you can’t call 3 jars of tea on a shelf “décor”.  There was ONE curio of tea paraphernalia…  And, don’t even GET me started on their wall sticker scene (which my girlfriend pointed out was not legally correct).  I’m really not trying to cap on their sense of interior design (I really am a nice girl!), it’s just-  there are certain things you expect when you hear “tearoom”.  This place looked like a Chinese restaurant…  I think their website is somewhat misleading, and I think they had a really good photographer for it.



sticker scene



When they finally paid attention to us, they set down this plate of canisters of tea.  I can’t even remember if the guy said what to do with them.  Obviously, they were for sniffing their selection of teas.  There were about 20 or so to choose from.  My girls got whiffs.  Because of my OCD, I’m not a fan of hovering my nostrils on top of old tea that who knows how long have been stored in containers that don’t have protective layers on top of them.  I definitely don’t judge those that do, I just think there is a more sanitary way of showcasing and allowing your guests to sample tea.  From my experience at festivals + other tea facilities that I’ve visited, I wasn’t impressed with theirs.


At our table, here were our tea selections + thoughts on them…

Vanilla Black – Surprise surprise, this is what I chose.  It was very bland, and I even let it steep a considerable amount of time (due to taking pics).

Caribe – My SIL didn’t really have any words for this, as there wasn’t really much of a flavor to it.  The best she could say was “fruity, desserty.”

Cinnamon Spice – Girlfriend said this was “liquid Big Red (the gum) that will numb your throat.”  After really giving this one a chance, she requested to change hers to White Peach.  Our server made a big deal about it and tried to laugh through the conversation, telling my girlfriend not to tell anyone that she’s doing this for her.  We all thought that was unnecessary…  Anyway, all she had to say about that one was “it’s peachy.”

Sally’s Secret – Two of my girls ordered this one.  The concensus: “It’s just earl grey, no secret about it.”

Lavender – This one was the most ridiculous of all.  There wasn’t even a color to it!?  It basically looked like hot water.  My hermana says “Nothing.  Can’t even say anything about it.”

After all of our bland and uneventful tea experiences, I decided to look in the infusers.  THEY WERE NOT ADEQUATELY FILLED!!?!  No wonder all these pots of tea were only so-so, they weren’t being served correctly.  Either they don’t know much about how to steep tea, or they’re being real S-T-I-N-G-Y.  Not nice.


[I’m laughing at my uneven cuppa, cuz it goes to show you how uninterested I was at getting this shot!]


They offer 3 levels of tea service.  I’m gonna rush through the food part of this review, cuz I am just so done.


My tea service came with 2 tea sandwich choices.  I got Curried Chicken and Ham, Brie + Apple.  The chicken salad was bland, the bread was dry.  When I had the bites with the coconut topping, it was rather nice.  THEN, I tasted the scallions.  Ew.  The brie, I could only take one bite out of, same with my girls that ordered it.  There was not enough ham, again with the dry bread…so dry that if you scratched it you can hear it (yes, I tried it), no flavor, and too much apple.  My Earl Grey Gal, after choking on the blackberry from her yucky miso-dressed salad, said the cucumber tea sandwich was “surprisingly good” and her first time having it without radish.  She gave me a bite, I thought it had too much cream.  Interestingly, it had some mint in it.





We were served a Ginger Scone.  All the girls at the table really liked theirs.  I felt it was a bit too fluffy, but I liked the crispy bottoms.  The fixings were just okay.  Tho, some of my girls were mad that the preserves were touching!



The service was fine.  I kinda wrote them off when the guy brought me an ICEE STRAW (!!?!) for my water in his bare hands, unwrapped, and not in a napkin.  Yuckth!  They weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either.  Of course, my girls made it the most pleasant experience you could ever have at a place as awful as this.

I’m sorry for offending anyone with my outspokenness of this blog post + review.  It was just really bad.  For our long time readers who have been with us since Spot 1, you know I tell it like it is.  Don’t waste your time coming.  I promise the Spots coming up will be better.  To be fair (I guess), I started this Summer Tour with the least interested place.  We try all of em so you don’t have to!  😉  Happy to be sharing with yall once again!