You’re Invited!

Our beautiful Readers + Followers,

I don’t even know how to begin!?  After only (almost) 6-months of being in operation, the unthinkable has occurred!!  Our number 1 all time favorite tea house has said of our tea, and I quote: “the best we have tasted in a while!”

On Sunday, December 4 at 1pm, Tyme for Tea & Co. in the Niles District of Fremont, CA will be hosting a Meet & Greet Event featuring OUR SIGNATURE TEA BLENDS!!?!

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, come hang out with parTEA with me!!  Reservations are strongly advised.  If you’re not into tea, that’s okay!  Just come to support!!  We want to show this place where we come from!  😉

From the overnight 400 into the thousands, our Readers + Followers have been the BEST EVER.  Thank you for continuing to show us love.



Full Circle

First Time

November 19, 2011 – Being bedridden for 8 months and hospitalized 20 times, pregnant with my 2nd living child/3rd pregnancy overall (you do the math…I miss you everyday Serenade Rei) and suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the only positive thing in my life (other than growing a human being inside me) (and well, the support of my husband, toddler son + family) was scrolling through friends’ + family’s facebook pictures.  Sad?  I know.  But it gets better, trust me!  One album in particular was of an old middle school classmate’s baby shower.  She had had it at some place that serves tea and other tea refreshments (as I knew it then).  I fell in love with the idea + décor, and just couldn’t wait to see what it was all about!  (I later found out it was at the original Crown & Crumpet in Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco.)  When my May-baby daughter finally took a bottle at 6mos (Thanks girl.), I searched for the closest tea house to me…called a few of my girlfriends + friends I wanted to get to know better…and suffered the worst case of Cuteness Overload as I stepped foot into my very first tea house, which happened to be Tyme for Tea & Co. in the Niles District of Fremont, CA.

I hosted approximately 4 tea parties there, before I became curious about what else was out there.  I wanted to try different places, buuut I didn’t wanna go alone!?  I sent an email to some girls, and see who wanted to join me on this quest.  I found 12 more tea houses/rooms around the Bay Area to go to, and figured if we went to one new one every month, we would finish in just a year.  Sweet!

What you don’t know (and what I didn’t know then either), is what was to unfold during this journey.  Because of past experiences (that I’m not going to fully get into, but I will give you a broad description) with abuse + depression, I experienced a lot of trust + abandonment issues.  Needless to say, though I made friends easily, I didn’t like to keep them.  I used to always say: “I don’t have friends.”  These girls I speak of when I say “my girlfriends”, are ones that I’ve met from my religious background.  I never brought that up before either, and I would like my blog to remain neutral so as not to erupt ANY sort of political feedback.  That being said, I knew who they all were but I was never close with any of them.  Sure, my sister-in-laws came.  But, that’s family…

When I invited these girls, of all ages from different backgrounds and different Congregations…some knew each other, some didn’t…  I didn’t realize the upbuilding + encouraging relationships that would establish-  over TEA!!?!  We would laugh (a lot) and cry, share stories of heartache + triumphs.  Some of these girls who didn’t know each other before, have bonded + created lifelong friendships!  And me, as the host-  it was SO NEAT to see it all unfold before my eyes.  Girls that never knew each other- following each other on social media and experiencing each other’s small moments together…  Girls that never knew each other- grieving over husbands lost in death…  Girls that never knew each other- making future plans to meet with their families…

As I reflect on the last 5 years, it wasn’t just about the tea.  Sure, we had lots of great food and met beautiful cups of tea.  We talked about our jobs + family, books + art, music, recreation.  But, we really formed everlasting connections and memories.

And me, I now have FRIENDS!!

I wanna thank each and every one of you girls.  Not just for sharing this ride with me, but for growing with me.










Amy V



Amy L














October 22, 2016 – At our last tea party, I was excited, relieved, and sad.  It’s not over.  There are just different things we get to experience now!  And btw girls, we were invited to London…  🙂


To our Readers + Followers:  THANK YOU!!!  I never thought when my friend suggested I blog about our Tour, that OVERNIGHT more than 400 of you would be half interested in tea parties!!?!  Please continue to share your experiences with us!  Ask your girlfriends to join you!  Share tea, and bond, and grow!!  I’ll keep you updated if/when we try any new Spots.  Until then, hang out with us over at   Love you guys!!  Peace.




August Tea

So…we missed our last tea Spot.  :/  It was a really great Spot, that we were ultra excited for…but-   lots of things goin on, ya know!?  I promise the next Spot, you will NOT WANT TO MISS (and we won’t either!  Hehe.).

I was blessed to be able to attend a week long seminar, the 2nd week of August.  The following week we were supposed to travel for Tea, but I didn’t realize how much the class would take out of me…  The next day, I found out my Gramma (and Homegirl!) had suffered a heart attack + was in the hospital.  Then, a few days later, my friend who is 99-years-old!! was admitted also.  (Sigh…)  Needless to say, lots of hospital visits-  didn’t make me feel in a very “tea party” type mood.  😦  Thank you sweethearts for understanding.  (insert 3 heart emojis here!)


On a lighter note!  Our new company is moving rather swiftly!!  To our surprise + honor.  Please keep in touch with us at to be the FIRST to hear our news!  And, at @parTEAwithme on all social media accounts!



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Throwback Thursday

First Time

I was curious as to how long it’s been since I hosted my first Tea Party.  November 19, 2011.  Almost three years since I fell in love with all this cuteness!!

What originally sparked my interest…!?  An old high school friend of mine was just surprised with the most adorable baby shower at Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco.  While I was immobile (and suffering through the worst pregnancy ever: bedridden for 8 months + hospitalized 20 times), I would longingly gaze at all her beautiful facebook pictures of her gorgeous shower.  (So sad, wasn’t I?!)  Everything was just so cute!!  The food looked delicious + the place was just so lovely.  I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself one day.  I had just had my daughter, and was in need of some girl time.  I got this brilliant idea to host tea, and searched for the closest tea house to me.  Tyme For Tea & Co. in Niles Fremont, CA (I frequent there now, but it’s scheduled on the Tour for next year!) popped up, and I made reservations right away!  I took my 2 SIL’s with me, a few close friends + a few girlfriends I wanted to get to know better.  I could NOT get over all the cuteness!!?!  From the teacup sets to the mismatched silverware, even the doilies!?  I loved all of it.  I couldn’t wait to do it again, so I planned another party a few months out.  Little did I know, this would be the beginning of what is it today:  16 tea house spots waiting for us!!  Thank you for following!  😉


2nd Leg!!

We’ve already started plans for our 2nd Leg of our Tea House Tour!!?!  Just added 4 NEW spots this morning!  You can continue to follow us into 2015 + 2016!!  So much excitement!